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Marco Gasparri wanted to know more about it. Interior designer Declaux has decided to give some advices on furnishing the leisure areas by offering three different concepts, organized according to three different areas.These areas were designed for an important exhibition organized by Maison & Objet in Paris, where all the mentioned experts took part.

The first one is called “the Wood Land” area, ant it is entirely dedicated to wood and it is perfect for hipster lovers, also. The second area is “Sun Land” and is instead dedicated to a colorful and emotional decor. Finally, the third area is called “Ice Land” and it has been set up with metal furnitures, in order to create a special atmosphere with their brightness. Regarding 2019 furniture trends, this year will be the turn of minimalis decor, according to the interior designer Leriche. The luxury inspired by the 30s and 70s will be trendy and fashionable, also, thanks to characteristic pieces of furniture made with refined materials, including marble.

The interior designer sayed ethnic design will have its own space also, since it is perfect for those who want to create environments where the fusion of cultures and traditions emerges, increasingly contemporary in our multicultural world. To follow the 2019 furnishing trends, we must also understand what are the trend colors of 2019.

Once again the experts come to our aid, each one with its own forecasts and bunch of advices about fashion and style. According to Bernard, red color will dominate the scene this year. The furniture can be completed with very special details, such as burnt wood or the marble effect that can amaze and thrilled. Delclaux bids on wood, he truly believes that will be used not only for the realization of the furnishings, but also for the production of commonly used accessories, such as the covers for tablets and smartphones. Moreover, it will be an increasing domain of this material, and it will certainly be rediscovered and used for purposes other than those we know.

On the other side, Leriche disagrees with other colleagues. He thinks that electric blue will be the color of the year. This color will define many of furnishings in 2019 and it will increasingly take place in the following months. Moreover, in addition to 2019 furniture and colors trends advices, experts were also asked to offer visitors in Paris convention their own selection of trendy items.

Experts were able to amaze the audience, offering a selection of different objects, each one specifically motivated, which demonstrates the careful work – of thought and style – requested for their selection. Glass, ceramics, suede and many other materials have been exploited to amaze and inspire thousands of visitors that came to Paris convention.