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Diseño y Arquitectura by Marco Gasparri proposes itself as a designer of all interior, common and private spaces, taking care of the supply of furniture and, where necessary, of the essential accessories for the full usability of the individual housing units of the Casco Viejo of Panama City. The Casco Viejo of Panama City, which has been a World Heritage site since 1997 (it includes the ancient city of Panama), is now becoming the most chic place in the whole Panama City.

Casco Viejo in Panama City is recovering its ancient splendor, due to its colonial colors and baroque architecture, typical of the Spanish urban expansion in South America. After a period of degradation in the last decades, Casco Viejo is rapidly repopulating; nowadays,  Panameñi citizens and managers of foreign companies increasingly choose Casco Viejo as the site of their prestigious and luxurious residences.

Currently, in Casco Viejo of Panama City it is still possible to buy apartments or buildings to be completely restored. In addition to making a real estate investment, which can be used to generate income, and a secure capital appreciation over time, the purchase of this kind of properties let the new owners to fully customize the apartment. For more than 10 years Diseño y Arquitectura has been collaborating with leading panamañe building companies for the construction of large real estate complexes consisting of hundreds of apartments. The housing units are turnkey, already perfectly furnished in the smallest details, such as furnishing or dishes.

Disegno y Arquitectura by Marco Gasparri combines Italian Design with the international modernity of Panama City, creating a unique style. Diseño y Arquitectura collaborates with leading real estate agencies in Panama City. Diseño y Arquitectura, by Marco Gasparri, is able to select and offer customers an exclusive range of apartments or properties to buy. These properties are located in Casco Viejo of Panama City and are to be completely restored.

When the buildings are to be restored, the client will be shown a preliminary design of the furnishing idea in order to let him/her understand the potential of the proposed properties. This will allow an informed choice, since clients themselves have already displayed a custom home project based on their personal needs.


Diseño y Arquitectura will assist customers in the negotiation and purchase of the chosen property, identifying and solving any technical and legal issues that may arise in the earlier  phases of the purchase. La Diseño y Arquitectura will design the new apartment interpreting clients needs with a modern – and Italian also – style, respecting the historical features of the Casco Viejo of Panama City. Diseño y Arquitectura will also take care of the selection of building companies and craftsmen who will take care of project implementation. Finally, if the property was purchased already, Marco Gasparri’s Diseño y Arquitectura will select any tenants of the renovated apartment, in order to get a certain income, which is around 10% of the investment made.