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Furnishing your own home is always very stimulating and it represents the right opportunity to express personal creativity, especially if you know the following 5 tips for furnishing your home. Marco Gasparri’s studio in Panama can provide proper advices and solutions, coming from the experiences of the best interior designers, who deal every day with their customers’ needs and constantly give life to projects worthy of note. 

1) Designing the style of furniture

Any further advice would be useless without the first of the furnishing advice. Before starting to make purchases, it is important to design your own home. The style to follow must be kept in mind, so that subsequent decisions can all be consistent.

The mentioned design phase does not require to foresee every single detail, but it is necessary to have an idea of how the house should be furnished and what are the main aspects of the entire project. First of all, you need to realize the key points and, then, you can proceed with focusing on the details.

2) Eliminate the unnecessary

This advice applies in both situation, to design of a new furnishing and to renew a furnished home. The following suggestion doesn’t aim to an empty house, but simply to eliminate the superfluous, to give space to the house and maybe to free up space for a new furniture. 

3) Say yes to natural materials!

Styles change over time and it is necessary learning how to keep up with trends. What has been noticed in recent years is that natural materials have managed to strongly stay in the trend for a long time. Furnishings made with natural materials, including wood in all its shades of color, could not be excluded among the mentioned 5 tips.

4) Exploit or cover any bug

No house will never be perfect, even if every detail is made by precision.  There will always be a place that we would have differently, or that we initially appreciate and then we would like to change. Decorating a house requires to enhance defects, turning them into strengths. And if this does not succeed there is no need to fear: it is always possible to hide them, using stratagems of various types, to be chosen according to the result we wish to obtain for our house.

5) Choose the right color!

Last but not least, this advice might be perhaps one of the most important furnishing tips on this list. Choosing the colors in the house is always a very delicate moment, also because it will be the base of all subsequent decisions will be taken. Best interior designers usually recommend opting for neutral colors, in order to make the home a relaxing place, where you can carry out the different activities of daily life and where you can regain your strength after a long day at work. However, the choice of colors also depends on the personality of the owners of the house, since the colors can be exploited to express their emotions and to immediately show their philosophy of life.